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Chest Rub Oil Blend

Chest Rub Oil Blend

For Relief from Chest Congestion, Cold and Cough

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Essentia Extracts Chest rubis a highly effective blend of 100% pure Cold-pressed oils & Essential oils known to soothe the throat, reduce inflammation, and clear away mucus. These pesky little coughs aren’t as tough to get rid of as you would think. Ayurveda highly suggests that your essential oils are effective at treating challenges with your upper respiratory tract, while massages with cold-pressed Walnut & Sesame oil give your chest & throat much-needed relief. Essentia’s Chest rub supports the respiratory system and helps you breathe easily during pollution, bronchial stress, or any basic infections such as cold & flu. A unique blend of 100% Natural plant extracts/oils, Cold-pressed Walnut oil & Sesame oil with documented anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, and anti-viral properties that support a healthy respiratory system. This Chest rub is meant to relax everyday stress and optimize emotional health and well-being besides tackling various infections- bacterial, viral, and other pollution-related allergies. Useful for all ages, it is effective to support during flu, colds, and fever, naturally – minus any of the harmful side effects of conventional medication prescribed for asthma.

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  • WALNUT OIL: It helps in reducing inflammation, relieves pain, and eases muscle tension that can result from a cold or flu. 
  • SESAME OIL: Sesame oil give your chest & throat the much needed relief.
  • EUCALYPTUS OIL: It helps to reduce inflammation, relieve pain, and ease muscle tension that can result from a cold or flu. 
  • PEPPERMINT OIL: Menthol is an extract of peppermint. When inhaled, it creates a cooling sensation that can soothe or numb a scratchy throat. 
  • BERGAMOT OIL: It has antioxidant properties, which may help to protect cells from damage and ward off harmful germs. 
  • CLOVE OIL: It can be useful for stopping respiratory tract pathogens if emitted in a gaseous state for a short timeframe. Clove essential oil acts against common bacteria reproducing.

How to use

Add a few drops on your palm and gently rub on all the affected areas such as chest, neck, upper back. Use it twice daily to achieve the best results.
  • Clean
  • Cruelty-free
  • Vegan
  • Daytime Use
  • Nighttime Use
  • Recyclable
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What's inside that really matters

Walnut Oil

A good source of nutrients like vitamins B6 and E, it can help support the immune system

Sesame Oil

It gives your chest and throat the much needed relief

Eucalyptus Oil

Helps reduce inflammation, relief pain ad ease muscle tension that can result from cold or flu

Peppermint Oil

It creates a cooling sensation that can soothe or numb a scratchy throat

Bergamot Oil

It's anti-oxidant properties help protect cells from damage and ward off germs

Clove Oil

It has a soothing effect and may help relieve congestion and coughing associated with cold

only good choices. no compromises.

Gluten and Allergen Free
No Artificial Colour or Flavour
Made in a FDA Registered Facility
Clinically Researched Ingredients
No Fine Print

Why Essentia Extracts?

Unique Formulations

Our brand is dedicated to developing unique formulations using 100% pure and natural ingredients. We invest months of time and resources in research and development to create products that are both effective and safe for our consumers.

Born From Ayurveda

Our brand is proud to be born out of Ayurveda, and we are dedicated to sharing the benefits with the world. We believe that by embracing the principles of Ayurveda, people can achieve a state of balance and harmony that promotes optimal health and wellness.

No Fine Print

We fought harder to keep the bad out. Our formulations are created to eliminate bad additives, preservatives and ingredients that don’t meet our high standards. Our promise is to provide our customers with the highest quality natural products.

We Heart Reviews

It tells us how you’re doing and that’s always good to hear!

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