How we are earth conscious

Be a part of our earth-conscious evolution: We’re taking action so that our products
will have less of an impact on the environment.
To start, we’re embracing the 3 R’s: Reduce, reuse, recycle.


We’re eliminating excess packaging everywhere we can. Our products still require protective plastic wrapping but we are trying to be carbon neutral since all of our products come in glass packaging. The boxes we use to ship our products are all recyclable. Not only this, we have come up with innovative ways to use the leftover khal after oil extraction to make natural skincare products for you thereby eliminating 100% waste post extraction.


Refillable systems are the future: Buy once, then when it’s time to re-up, all you need to purchase is the refill. It’s less packaging and less expensive, but a more luxurious experience. This will soon become a possibility and we are working round the clock to make this happen.


We’re making it easier for you to recycle: 99% of our products come in recyclable glass bottles which can easily be re-used and recycled. All our shipping boxes are also fully recyclable.