Our Story

Connecting people back to their roots

Essentia Extracts was started by two fitness buddies during the peak of the first lockdown who wanted to purchase Cold-Pressed Sesame Oil for Oil Pulling (Gandushakriya). They, however, failed to find premium quality Cold-Pressed Oils in local stores at affordable prices. In turn, they realized how society has drifted away from ancient ways of leading a healthy life. Since then they made it their mission to connect people back to their roots. And hence, Essentia Extracts was born.

Back to why it all started.

Ayurveda and Cold-pressed oils in particular have always fascinated us. We have grown up in a society where oils play a very significant role for both edible as well as topical purposes. As a kid, we would accompany our grandmothers to the dry fruit shop to buy a few kgs of Almonds to eventually go to a traditional oil extraction shop (Kohlu) in an old part of Delhi. We understood the importance of purity at quite an early age in Life. The lack of premium quality cold-pressed oils got to us during the peak of the first lockdown. It made us realize how we as a society have drifted away from our own ancient ways of leading a healthy life. After thorough market research, we found a lack of good quality cold-pressed oils and a major gap that could be filled. Hence, began the journey to put together an effective and efficient end-to-end supply chain where we could produce high-quality products using premium quality raw materials procured locally from farmers.

"We took a leap forward so as to bring the best quality products at highly competitive prices to people to make that switch. Today, Essentia Extracts has over 50 high-quality Skincare & wellness products, but our Cold-pressed oils continue to be the base for most of our products as well as the core of our business."

Vinni Aggarwal

Co-founder, Essentia Extracts

Why we do what we do.

Of all the things we question, we’d never question the power of Ayurveda. We aim to help everyone find the answers to their skin concerns, and we believe that the answer lies in nature. We’ve diligently spent time and effort in trying to understand the properties of each and every ingredient we’ve used. Over several years, we’ve worked hard to make sure to question how best to bring nature to our customers in its most unadulterated form, from soil-to-shelf.

How we do what we do.

Finding the right source

We learned early on that finding the source for our raw materials is of utmost importance. Finding the right ingredient also means finding where it grows best, no matter where on Earth that may be. The right environment makes all the difference to the quality and efficacy of our products. After all, any product is only as good as the ingredients used to make them. In the process, we go to the grassroot levels and procure our produce directly from the farmers both within and beyond the country.

When it comes to soil, we dig deep.

We scour the world to find Organic-approved farms that cultivate their ingredients with care. We steer clear of GMOs, pesticides, and fertilisers, and deeply appreciate it when farming remains the way it’s meant to be. Thankfully the Earth always gives us the answers we’re looking for, as long as you look in the right places.

Keeping the nutrient value intact

We don't suck the life out of our produce by putting them through extreme heat or chemical processes. We only use age-old ayurvedic processes to extract our oils such as cold-pressing and Steam-distillation. All our products are natural and used as they are without changing their basic nature and this is exactly why they are potent, effective and efficient with their functionality.

Keeping it fresh

Ingredients work best when they’re in prime, and what does that mean when it comes to botanicals? The fresher the better. That’s why we make smaller batches of potent formulations. We’re upfront about the fact that our products are highly fresh, potent, and efficacious, and as a result of which they have shorter shelf lives. We’re firm believers in ‘fresh, or nothing’, and we always choose fresh.


We pride ourselves on being eco-conscious to the core. Everything from our sourcing, manufacturing, packaging and much more, is undoubtedly environmentally friendly. We consciously question our choices, and constantly find new ways to reduce our carbon footprint. Since we bring the best of nature to people, we wanted to show the Earth a better side of humankind.